Day 131: Honey Mustard Top

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Today’s top came to me in a big bag ‘o stuff from the delightful Susan Lenz (a completely kick-ass fiber artist!)

I'm not quite sure what this pose is supposed to be...

You’re looking at an 80’s-tastic raw silk top.  The fabric is fabu, and I love that pocket!  With a bit of tweaking, it’ll look just like some of the tops at Urban Outfitters.  :)

All this top really needs is a good take-in.  I laid it out on my awesome work table and pinned the sides (even the sleeves)…about 2″.


Then, I ran each side under the needle.

Stitchin' right along...

Here’s what it looks like now that it’s been taken in…before I cut off the extra fabric.  I sewed it with a bright red thread.  I hope you can see it.  :)

Can you see it?

After the extra material was trimmed away, my new top was ready for a day at work, followed by an evening learning about Video Game Design!  :)

I'm still pretty mystified! :)

The Columbia Design League put together such a great panel discussion with some amazingly talented game designers from around the country…including my friend JJ (who is just awesome sauce!).  :)  I didn’t know a thing about this subject before attending this event, and I was really amazed and impressed with how many incredibly specialized people it takes to put together a good game nowadays.  :)

They even had snacks!

Gamers need nutrition too! :)
This is what happens when I attempt self-photography with friends. :P
Graffiti by Izms of Art :)


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