Day 130: Jumpsuit Dress

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When Fella saw this wacky floral jumpsuit, he said, “You look like a rejected clown!”.

It is rather clown-like!

I’m inclined to agree with him!  This looks absolutely ridiculous as-is!

There’s no time for clowning around…gotta get to work!

I knew I didn’t want to leave this in its jumpsuited state, so I used my seam ripper to unpick the crotch, as well as down each inside leg.  :)

...because legs don't need sleeves!

And of course, these Then, I chopped off the legs a bit.

Your kind isn't needed here!

I put my future dress on my dress form.  It’s way too big, and I need to close up where the legs used to be.  Out came the pins!

Closing it all up! :)
Taking it in!

I ran the front and the back through my machine.


I’m almost done!  All that’s left is to hem that bottom raw edge.

Hemmitty Hem!

Now I have a cute dress…perfect for a lunch date with one of my best buds!  :)

Such a gorgeous day!


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