Day 123: Pumpkin Patch Dress

Day 124: Cayce Pollard Sweater

Today’s dress comes from Irene over at .  :)

I look like a sad peasant!

Irene swung by my house with a bag ‘o dresses, including this one.  She loved wearing it until she spilled honey mustard on it.  :(  All the bleach in the world failed to remove the stain.

Boo to stains!

Into a nice, hot dye bath it went!  :)

A happy pumpkin-y orange!

What you’re seeing in the above pic a combination of Rit Sunny Orange and Rit Scarlet.  Yup…I did a little combo action, hoping for a nice Halloween Orange hue.  I left the dress in its dye bath for an hour.

Happy Halloween!

I wore my orange & black ensemble to my monthly supper club, where this week’s theme was comfort foods!  Nom!  :)

Just a few of the tasty dishes we indulged in! :)
Photobombers happen.
Fun with the Fella! :)
Happy Times at Supper Club! :)


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