Day 116: October’s Guest Star!

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As promised, I’m going to start having a monthly Guest Star on my blog!  :)  I decided to start small for October.  Very small.


October’s Guest Star is none other than my sweet little kitty, Gypsy!  :)  Here she is, checking out today’s piece (another Dollar-a-Pound Goodwill find) I love this little shirt!

Fella eyed me skeptically when I told him I wanted to make a shirt for Gypsy.

Fella:  She’ll hate you for this.  You know that right?

Me:  But she might really like wearing clothes!  It’ll be cute!

Fella:  Cats don’t wear clothes, Jillian.

Me:  But Gypsy is special!

Fella:  I hope she forgives you one day for this.

Undaunted, I measured Gypsy to see how snug I needed to make her new shirt.


Then, I cut the back of the shirt down the center.


Next, I cut off part of the length that would be going over Gypsy’s back, so it wouldn’t drag.

Snip! And Snip!

Then, I hemmed those raw edges under.


I’m almost done!  I grabbed a piece of velcro from my stash…

Thanks to NASA!

And stitched them to the bottom of Gypsy’s new shirt, where it will wrap around her belly.  :)  This will also make it easy to remove if she hates it.

Hooray Velcro!

Now Gypsy’s new tee is all done and ready for a test drive!

I tentatively put it on her.

"What is this?????"
"Why, Mommy? Why?"

Gypsy looked pretty miserable in her new tee, so I quickly took it off of her, and gave her many treats for being such a good little sport.  :)  I’ll pass it off to a friend with a small dog.   I guess Fella was right…Cats aren’t meant to wear clothes.  :/

Thanks, Gypsy!   :)


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