Day 114: All that Glitters Jacket

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Day 115: Bottom of the Bin Skirt
Day 113: Citrus Grove Dress

Ah! Remember the 80’s?  Not only the decade, but when I was in the 87th day of this project?  Let me jog your memory on both counts.  :)


On Day 87, I wore the skirt of this 2-piecer as a fun cocktail dress.  Today, I’m going to tackle that top!

You can probably guess what I did first…

Can't stand 'em!

Next, I folded the top in half, and made a big cut down the front.


Ooookay…now we’re getting somewhere!  :)  I turned those raw edges under and pinned them.

Use your seam gauge to keep it Even Steven!

All that was left to do was run each side through my machine…simple enough, right?

What could possibly go wrong?

At the very end of my last seam, my needle broke!  :(  I checked my sewing supply stash, and discovered that I was completely out!  Blerg!  And I couldn’t find any hand-sewing needles either!   Looks like it’s time to make a supply run before I tackle my next project!  I’m just lucky the needle didn’t break right in the middle of making my sweet new jacket!  :)

Oh so sparkly!

I had a fun time hanging out at Art Bar where I indulged in a tasty dinner (courtesy of KC Hot Dogs).  :)

Veggie Dog Al Fresco!

My new jacket isn’t the warmest thing in the world, but it did keep some of the chill away.  :)

The look on that lady's face in the background is priceless!
Jimmy Higgs, Photobomber


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