Day 110: Nightgown Top

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Day 109: Fella's Shirt Revisited

I found this nightgown at one of my favorite $1 thrift stores.  It actually ended up being 50 cents, as it came with a cover-up that I’m looking forward to re-doing later.  :)

Hot Old Lady Nightgown Action!

Remember my anti-smoking rant from a couple of days ago?  Here’s another reason why you never should.

It should be on

Thanks to that nasty hole, keeping this at any sort of length wasn’t really going to be possible.  I made a big cut. I’m thinking shirt city with this piece!  :)

Bye nasty burn hole! :)

I didn’t really like those nightgowny sleeves either.  It’s been a ridiculously warm October here in SC, so I’m going sleeveless!  :)

Carefully snipping away!

I wore my breezy new top to watch my fella’s improv group (The Art Bar Players) rehearse.  :)

Cute & Comfy!

Oh!  And check out that sweet neckline on my new top!  Isn’t it just lovely?  :)



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