Day 108: Blue Wish Dress

Day 109: Fella's Shirt Revisited
Day 107: Paint it Teal

Today’s piece began as an unflattering skirt that made my hips look like whoa!


As the weather is still absolutely gorgeous, I knew exactly where I wanted to take this one.

First, I snipped off those belt loops.


I actually ended up snipping them right at the threads where they were sewn down, getting any of the more stubborn ones off with the help of my seam ripper.

With the loops removed, I pulled the skirt up to under my arms and tied the original belt around my waist.

Now I have a much more stylish  look!  :)

A vision in blue!
It's super-comfy too!

I think my big flower brooch really makes my dress stand out!  :)

My fave brooch!


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