Day 105: Cobaltic Avenue Dress

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I get so giddy when I find a piece as unusual as this one.  It gets my heart all aflutter!  When I saw it on the rack at my favorite 1$ thrift store, I thought it was just a long dress…but behold!


That’s no dress, my friends!  That’s one groovy jumpsuit from the days of disco.  Whether you’re a mother, or whether you’re a lover…I’m sure you agree it needs a major overhaul!  :)

First, I cut along the inseam of the pants legs, all the way up through the crotch.  Usually, I would use a seam ripper for this, but since there really wasn’t much of a seam to speak of, it didn’t make a difference.

Cutting along the inseam

You’ll want to make sure you undo the crotch part, otherwise you’ll end up with a weird bunchy-crotched skirt.  :) 

I put the jumpsuit on my dress form inside-out, and pinned a straight line down the front and the back.


Then, I ran each side through my machine.  :)

It's really shaping up!

 So now I have a really long dress.  I cut off the excess material from where I converted the pants to a skirt, and then took off some of that length.


I rolled up the sleeves (because I think I might end up liking them as-is down the road), and headed off to Karaoke night!  :)

Oooh la la!

 I hope you like this refashion, but more importantly, do you like my new ‘do?  I’m trying to experiment with different ways of styling it as I grow it out.  This is my first time curling it.  Is it working?  Should I just keep it straight?  Should I just shave it all off again?  I really have no idea what to do with my hair…ever.  :)

To complete my outfit, I donned my oh-so-chic PBR can earrings.  ;)

Happy Birthday to Wren! :)
Cheers!  :)
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