Day 100: Black & White & Rad All Over

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Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress
Day 99: Enter the Sharpie

Whoa!  I’ve made it to Day 100 of this crazy year of refashioning!  :)  Huzzah!  Time to frock up and celebrate! :D

Feeling exposed. :(

I’m not usually a modest gal.  I’d be completely content to wear any backless, strapless what-have-yous every day.  However, I’m not a fan of leaving my ta tas (or lackthereof) right out in the open for all to see.  :/ This dress was also too big for me in the arms.

I turned the dress around and tied the arms around my neck halter-style.  Now I have much cuter frock to celebrate reaching triple digits in!  :)

Fashion Blogger Pose = Look Bored and Hungry
Le back!

See?  You can’t even tell that this dress is really a long-sleever!  :)

Great minds thinking alike!


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