Day 97: Bowl me over Top

Day 98: Flowers on my Shoulders Vol. 2
Day 96: Coffee Date Dress

When I found this top, it was way too big for my scrawny frame.  :/  I still bought it because:  A.  It was only $1 and B.  I really love that print!  :)

Not a good fit!

Luckily, this was a quick fix.  Since this top has side pockets, I needed to take it in from the back.  There was already a seam there, so this was easy-peasy!  :)

Pinned and Prepped!
Under the needle you go!

I wore my newly-resized top for a bowling night!  :)

There's nothing wrong with choosing a ball based on how well it works with your outfit. :)
Check out Tina's serious-bowler hand thing! :)

I actually managed to do not-too-badly and scored a 108 (awesome for me!).  Sadly, my Wii bowling skills do not transfer to the real thing.  :/

Action shot!
Fab Footwear!


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