Day 95: Apple Orchard Dress

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I started my day with this awesome piece of doilyness.  :)

I'll get your heart racing with my old lady dress & jeans...

I love the fall colors in this dress.  With a few tweaks, it’ll be perfect for a day at the apple orchard with friends!  :)

That collar needs to get outta there!  I picked it out with my seam ripper.


Removing the collar meant completely undoing all the stitching around the collar.  No biggie.  This is really easy to just pin back together and stitch up.


So now the neckline is looking much better, but I still hated the length and those sleeves.  You can probably guess what came next.

On the cutting room floor!

Now my dress is perfect for a lovely fall day spent apple-picking!  :)

Sky Top Orchard! :)

It was a bit chilly in the mountains, so I kept my favorite nubby black sweater handy.  :)

My first apple!

This trip really put me in the mood for fall.  :)  I’m ready for sweaters, boots, warm cookies, and tea.  :)  Bring it, Fall!

We should be in a musical...
Group Shot! :)
View from Sky Top

Cheers!  :)

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