Day 86: Purple Rainforest Dress…Take 2!

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Do you guys remember this dress from Day 81?

Remember me?

Well, nobody (including me) was very impressed with that day’s refashion (which barely even counted as a refashion, I’ve gotta admit).  You see those ratings at the bottom of each post?  I take those very seriously.  Day 81 got a whopping 2 stars, which means “Try Harder” on my rating scale.  Perhaps I didn’t get enough love in my childhood, because I really want you guys to like everything I do.  It is that pathetic crippling need for approval that led me to rethink this dress.

It’s time for a do-over!  :)

First, I cut off the top of the dress.

Snip! Snip!

After I carefully trimmed the top off, it looked like this:

Two Easy Pieces

I’m going to use the bottom half to make my new dress.  I cut three long strips of fabric from the top half and braided them into one long strap.

Strip Tease!

I sewed my single braided strap to the top of my new dress at the front and the back.  We’re almost done!


I cut off the tied-off ends of my braid (they’re fully secure now that they’re sewed down), and Voila!  I have a cute new party dress!  :)

Better than Take 1?

So…whaddya think?  Is it better than before?

I'm even wearing heels!

I could have easily belted this dress (see my mammoth belt collection on the left?), but decided to leave the waist free for an evening of celebrating with sushi and mojitos at M Vista!  :)

Ready to celebrate!

In case you’re wondering what I’m celebrating, I was featured in an article on New York’s Guest of a Guest titled DIY 101:  The Best DIY Fashion Blogs (I’m #9! I’m #9!)! Eeeeeep!  This is the first bit of media attention I’ve gotten with this blog, and lemme tell ya…it came out of the blue!   :)

Perhaps my fortune cookie is right.  :)

Hey...a girl can dream! :)

Cheers, friends!  :)

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