Day 84: Den Mother Dress

Day 85: Leaf if All to Me Dress
Day 83: Orange you Glad it's Fall? Dress

I think today’s dress was some sort of uniform.  Do you have any idea what it might have been a uniform for?

"Guess my profession", says the uniform dress!

I’m going to start off with a quick apology.  See that weirdo grey floaty looking thing on the bottom right of my photo?  Well…he’s in just about every photo.  :(  It looks like my new camera is going back to the store, which will put us at SlipsKnute Camera #4.  :/ Until then, let’s call the grey blob Steve.  I hate Steve.

Steve hid for a bit (doing typical ghostie things I imagine) as I began the taking-in process for this dress.


I ran each side through my machine and decided to take off a bit of that length.  Steve helped.

Steve approves. :)

I hemmed that raw edge.


I pressed everything, and now I have a dress that makes me look like “the cutest den mother ever” (a friend’s words, not mine).  :)

Oh hai Steve!
Oh hai, Melissa!


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