Day 83: Orange you Glad it’s Fall? Dress

Day 84: Den Mother Dress
Day 82: Bacchus Dress

We’re going to start today with a little mood music, okay?  I want you to play in the background as you read this (It’ll be your anthem for tomorrow).  :)

I was pleasantly surprised by a text from Fella telling me that Nathan Angelo added a last minute Columbia show to his Follow Your Heart tour.  :)  Of course I didn’t have anything to wear except this vintage housedress.

Holy Housedress Batman!

The print is beautiful & exotic, and I love that weird button-thing in the middle of it.  Unfortunately, I’m seeing waaaay too much of it, and I’m going to fix that.  :)

I began by putting the dress on my dress form inside-out and pinning the edges where I wanted to take this dress in/give it a bit more shape.


Then, I ran each side through my machine.

Mood Sewing.

I cut off the excess material and made a few amputations. :)

This will only hurt for a minute...

To finish the whole thing off, I hemmed those raw edges and pressed them.

Pinned & Prepped!

Now I have a fun fall frock that is perfect for a Tuesday evening concert at !  :)

Orange you glad I'll never use this joke again? :)
My feets are HUGE!!!! ;)

The show was awesome.  If you ever get the chance to see live, you really should.  I even managed to snap a quick pic with Nathan after his show!  :)

In the room women come and go, talking of Nathan Angelo. :)


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