Day 82: Bacchus Dress

Day 83: Orange you Glad it's Fall? Dress
Day 81: Purple Rainforest Dress

Tonight, I wanted nothing more than to lounge and veg.  Enter today’s piece.


You’re looking at a silk 3X women’s sleep shirt.  There’s a lot of potential for a super-comfy luxurious frock in that shirt!  Nothing feels better than lounging in silk…nothing!  :)

I immediately got to work taking this in.

Taking it in!

In the above pic, you can see where I placed my pins 5″ in.  I ran the whole thing through my machine, cut off that excess fabric, and now have a dress that Bacchus would approve of!

Bacchus: The Roman God of Winos. :)
Quite Roman!

While my friend Bacchus feasted on grapes and wine, my tastes were a tad more plebeian for the evening.  ;)

Jillian: The Goddess of Popcorn and Beer!


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