Day 79: A Go Go No-No

Day 80: Pleasantville Dress
Day 78: Faux Halter Dress

Today’s dress would have been just fine…if I wanted to take part in the club scene in the 80’s.  :/


This actually looks better in the pic than in reality, I assure you.  That stupid fake chain belt thing didn’t go all the way around the dress, so it sagged in the front (flattering!).

I removed the chain, as well as a couple of other troublemakers.

Gypsy likes the bling!

Removing the chain and the pads was all I had to do to make this verrrrry dated dress a much nicer, completely classic LBD that could be worn five years from now and still look current.  :)

and Far!

I threw on a sweater (it’s really quite chilly here in SC this weekend) and some brown accessories and headed off to meet up with friends at the !  The Columbia Greek Festival is one of my favorite things about living here.  For four days, I have unlimited access to all sorts of tasty greek dishes and pastries (Ahhh! Baklava!).

Wait a sec...what's that in Bekah's pouch?
I spy a little baby Ava!
Happy as can be with bellies full of Keftedes!



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