Day 75: A Jillian Original

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Day 76: An Early Fall Frock
Day 74: Tagalong Dress

Hey Guys!  Remember this dress from Day 65?

Whoa Nelly!

Remember how I did this with it?

Much better!

Remember how I said I was going to cut it up and make something else out of that fab fabric?  Today is that day!

Inspired by Sally over at Charity Shop Chic, I started off with a simple pattern from my vintage stash.  :)

This is the first thing I’ve ever sewn with a paper pattern, by the way.  I’ve always been really intimidated by the process.  I also don’t like not knowing how well the thing is going to fit until it’s done.

Whatever.  I want to be a better sewist, and sewing with patterns is the next step!  If I don’t learn new skills, this year is going to get awfully boring.  No Fear!

Cute dresses!

I took out the pattern pieces, and began following the instructions.

The front of the cut-up dress, ready for its pattern.
Pinning Pattern Piece fingers firmly crossed!

Much like putting together IKEA furniture, if you follow the instructions, you’ll probably be okay.  :)

...unless you're Kenyon Yeh. ;)

I had to look up a few terms in one of my sewing books, but it wasn’t a big deal.

sewing my darts...
The back

After I sewed the two sides together, I realized this dress was flippin’ HUGE on me!  :(  According to the measurements on the pattern, it should have fit perfectly.  Grrrrr!  I took it in on the sides, as well as from the back.

As I got to the finishing touches, I improvised a little with the neckline and the sleeves (I just can’t help myself!)  My dress now looks nothing like the pattern, but I think it looks even better!  ;)

A Jillian Original!
Le Back! I made those darts all by myself! :)

What do you think of my first foray into patterns?  Are there any nifty beginner patterns out there you’d recommend?

Cheers!  :)

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