Day 72: From Little Black Mess to Little Black Dress

Day 73: My Football Skirt
Day 71: A Sure-Bet Dress

Yay!  A new old lady dress!  As you know by now, every time I see one of these, I get giddy!  :)

A Little Black Mess

So…this isn’t very attractive for a fun Friday night.  :)  Let’s get to work, shall we?

First I chopped off the top of the dress.


Then I folded the raw edge over and pinned it.

Pin it!

I ran the pinned edge through my machine.  Now I have a casing for some elastic to make the top nice and snug.  :)'s fantastic!

Now I have a super-cute little black dress…perfect for an evening hanging out with friends!

First, we swung by …

Which one shall I choose?

Then we spent some quality porch time.  :)

Cigars, Wine, and Friends...Ingredients for a perfect evening! :)
Cigars & Cigar Box Malbec!


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