Day 69: Meet Me in the Piazza Dress

Day 70: Yikes! Stripes! Top
Day 68: No Mo Polo

Today’s dress could have come right out of Designing Women.

Oh hai shoulder pads!
Why would anyone let them design the interior of their home????

I used to love that show as a kid, but I don’t feel the need to emulate the Sugarbaker Sisters with my own wardrobe.  :)

That’s why I lopped off those pads.

Bless their hearts!

Next, I removed the sleeves with my seam ripper.


Disarming this dress (see what I did there?) left some icky raw edges for me to deal with.

Those raw edges are safely tucked away!
Stitching that arm hole!

I didn’t like that constricting neck either.  I removed the top two buttons, and stitched it into a much nicer V.  :)

Stitch that V!

We’re almost done!  I used my red thread to tie the tops of the shoulders of the dress oh-so-tightly.  This made the top of my new dress more fitted, and gave it more of an elegant look.  :)

Office Chic!
Hi Y'all!
Closeup of those shoulders! :)


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