Day 65: The Easiest Dress Refashion Ever

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Day 66: Pride Dress
Day 64: Marigold Dress & The Nana Giveaway Winner!

When I bought this dress for $1, I was really only wanting it for the fabric.  My plan is to cut it up and make it something else entirely.

It's just sliiiightly too big.

But before I do that, I’m going to show you one of the easiest no-sew dress refashions ever!  :)

First, I cut out those shoulder pads.

Ick. And Ick.

Then I buttoned the top a little more than halfway, turned it backwards, and tied the sleeves in the back, like so:

I'm a bit tied up right now...

And now I have a cute strapless maxi dress!  :)

I dig this print!

Some of you long-time followers who are super-observant might remember me doing pretty much the same thing with this dress, only with less hair, in a different apartment, and with a different kitty sidekick.  :)  I actually like today’s dress better.  ;)

Cheers!  ;)

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