Day 59: Fixing a Fail

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Day 60: Carowinds Top
Day 58: Take Me Out of the Ball Game Top

When I first saw this top, I didn’t think much of it.  It was just a perfectly normal halter top that was just a little big on me, right?

But look closer.

Do you see what's wrong?
Does this help?

I’m not the first refashionista to to touch this top!

Unfortunately, the previous one screwed up.  When they decided to shorten the halter neck, they accidentally left a twist in the strap (doh!).  No biggie.  Mistakes happen.

…But they gave up.  :(  And that’s what really bugged me about this top.  They could have easily snipped that part off and tried again, but they just gave up.

Dear Reader, don’t ever do that.  If you make a mistake that’s fixable, don’t just toss your project aside!  That’s silly.

I snipped a bit off the halter strap to shorten it, and to fix that twisty problem.


I sewed it back together.  Problem solved!  :)

Now I needed to take it in a bit on each side so it would actually fit me.  No problemo.

A bit less than 1" on each side

And that’s all it took to re-refashion this top!  :) I added my favorite Clark Ellefson pin (refashioned from an old road sign), and was ready for a day of erranding and catching up with old friends!  :)

Now if I can just fix those holes in my jeans...;)


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