Day 54: Pink Panther Safari Shirt

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Day 53: A Coveted Tee

Today’s piece was a 50 cent find that began its life as a Lands End shirt dress.

Think Pink!

I like the pockets and the epaulets on the shoulders, but It’s obviously way to big for me.  This shirt dress had other issues as well.

Torn Out Buttons! :(

A few of the buttons near the bottom of the dress had been completely torn out, leaving big holes in the front placket!  :(  Blerg!

I chopped off the bottom of the shirt dress where the last of the torn out buttons was.


I wasn’t happy with how much I ended up having to chop off.  :(  I wanted to keep it as a dress, but that wasn’t going to happen.

I took it in about 1 1/2 inches on each side.

A Straight Stitch and a Zigzag Stitch.

You can see where I initially went through with a straight stitch, and then sewed a zigzag stitch next to it.  That’s so the edges wouldn’t go fray-crazy when I chopped off the excess fabric.

I hemmed the bottom edge, pressed everything, and was done.

Now I’m prepared if ever Mary Kay sends me on safari!

Ready for Safari!

Forgive the weirdo-looking hair.  It was quite windy out!

See what I mean?


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