Day 53: A Coveted Tee

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Today was a happy day for me and a sad day for my fella.  One of his favorite T-shirts shrunk in the dryer.  It’s a tee that I was only too happy to take for myself.  :)

Unfortunately, while it was too small for him, it was too big for me.

MST3K...The Movie!

I promise to stop geeking out over MST3K for a while after this post (even though it’s the best show ever in the world).  ;)

I turned my fella’s tee inside-out and laid one of my best-fitting tees on top of it.  I outlined my tee on his tee in chalk.

Trace it!

Then, I pinned his tee along the chalk line.


Then, I ran each side through my machine.

Sorry, Fella!

I cut of the excess material, then I trimmed of a bit from the sleeves.


And now that coveted shirt is mine!  All mine!  ;)

A much better fit!

I had a delightfully relaxing day in my new tee!  While erranding, I hit up the 50 cent racks at Goodwill for some fun atrocities to refashion.  When I got back home, I made a tasty simple dinner for the Fella and I.  :)


You’re looking at chicken thighs and red potatoes that were tossed in olive oil, rosemary, paprika, salt, and pepper, and baked at 425 degrees for half an hour.  This is such a simple, inexpensive, and tasty dish!  :)


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