Day 51: Tablecloth Dress

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Day 50: Who Needs Sleep?

Today’s dress is not actually made from a tablecloth, but the gingham print makes me think of one.

Stretchy Gingham?

I can’t imagine anyone other than a hillbilly porn star wearing this dress as-is.  :/

I got to chopping!  :)


Cropped tanks are in right now, so I’m leaving the top as-is.

I decided to use the bottom half as a skirt.  I used the bottom hemmed part as the top of my new skirt.  First, I pinned a dart down the back seam to make it more fitted.

This is how I play darts.

Then, I stitched my dart.

See the dark thread?

I cut off the excess material, and tossed on my two easy pieces.  :)


This really is a silly outfit, but it was fun.  :)

My Superhero Stance

I wore my silly outfit out for the evening, where a tasteful amount of imbibing ensued.  ;)

Drinking Buddies!

Cheers!  :)

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