Day 49: To Mike, With Love

Day 50: Who Needs Sleep?
Day 48: Yikes! Stripes!

Today’s refashion goes out to that daring man who was marooned in space and forced to watch terrible movies, with only a couple of awesome robots to keep him company.   This one’s for you, Mike Nelson! :)

Tom, Mike, and Crow!

If you’re a geek like me, you know I’m referring to the most brilliant TV show ever in the history of mankind, .  In my high school days, I had a Saturday morning ritual:  I got up at 6am (really), went  to the awesome thrift store that was only open on Saturday, bought bags of stuff for about $5, came home, and watched really bad movies with Tom, Mike, and Crow making fun of them in the background.

Good times.

Sadly, the good times couldn’t last forever.  Eventually, MST3K was cancelled.  I may or may not have wept.  :(

Fast forward to now.  :)  Mike, Kevin (voice of Tom), and Bill (voice of Crow) have a terrific riffing platform called .  They don’t make movies…they just make them funny! :)

Every now and again, they do a live satellite feed to movie theaters.  Today was one of those happy days!

I decided to channel Mike’s blue jumpsuited style with a blue uniformy-looking dress of my own.

Big and Blue!

I liked the white trim and retro style of this dress, but it needs help.

First, I took in the sides.

Pin it down!

Then, I ran them through my machine and snipped off the excess material.


Next, I tackled the length.

Future Sash!

The dress originally had a matching belt, but that’s long gone. :/ I used the scrap from the bottom to make a sash.  First, I sewed it together, wrong sides facing each other, then I turned in inside-out and pressed it!  Voila!

Stitchin' a Sash!

My new blue dress was ready for a night of fantastically funny Riffing on Jack the Giant Killer (a fantasy stinkbomb from the 60’s)!

Satellite of Love Worthy!


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