Day 46: An Unmentionable Refashion

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Ah Skivvies!  Undies!  Panties!  Whatever you choose to call them, they’ve been keeping our naughty bits covered for centuries!

Although they used to look like this. :/

Today’s refashion begins as two pieces:  The first, a stretchy pale blue top with stretched-out arms that was dated and not very flattering.

Boring Top

The second, a pair of my favorite lacy skivvies whose elastic threads were beginning to come undone.  :(

If you ever wanted to see my they are!

I love the comfy fit of my lacy heinie holder, and decided to make another pair.  :)

First, I cut out the pieces.

Three easy pieces!

Then, I pinned them to a trimmed-out section of the top.


Then, I cut out the pieces for what would be my new skivvies!

Cut. It. Out.

When cutting out the piece for the crotch, make sure you cut out two pieces that will end up sewn together.

I sewed my pieces together…

Sew it all together!

I pinned under the top hem of my new knickers.

Almost Done!

Then, I sewed it down with some lovely pale pink thread using a zigzag stitch, so the waistband could stretch.  :)

So…my new skivvies were cute and all…but I decided to give them a bit more personality.  ;)

J for Jillian!

I’m not going to show you an after pic of them on me (This ain’t that kind of website), but rest assured, they fit like a charm!  :)

I had never made my own skivvies before this refashion, but I definitely plan on making more!  I’ve seen lots of tutorials out there, and can’t wait to give ’em a go!

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