Day 45: Black & White & Cool All Over

Day 46: An Unmentionable Refashion
Day 44: How to Borrow Your Friends' Clothes When They Don't Fit You

Hooray for old lady dresses! :)

Nice shoulder pads!

I just love an old lady dress refashion, don’t you?  :)

I loved the print and the pockets, but this dress needed lots of help!  First off, I removed those shoulder pads (yay! More toys for shelter kitties!) and that weirdo fake shirt panel.

Yo fake're not fooling anybody!

Then, I chopped off the sleeves and some of the length.

Choppy Choppy!

I actually ended up completely removing the sleeves….so just imagine they aren’t there at all.  :)

Next, I hemmed the skirt.

Pin, then hem!

I took the upper part of the shoulders of the dress, and folded them under.  Then, I sewed them down.

Narrowing those shoulders!

I pressed everything, and was done!  Now that old lady dress is ready for a fun Saturday!  :)

A fun play dress!
Whatever shall I do today?

After making my sweet frock, I got to work on bottling a batch of Ginger Beer!

Ginger Beer!

I got the recipe .  I can’t wait to see how my Ginger Beer turns out!  Hopefully they won’t end up exploding all over my kitchen.  :)

That night, I met up with friends atwhere we watched the incredibly funny Brit flick, .

Funny Fellas!

After watching this film, I’m yearning to go on a foodie road trip of my own.  I think I’ll have to make that happen soon!   Hopefully my finances can handle the dances.  :)

Happy Moviegoers!



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