Day 43: Khaki Shorts & A No-Sew Top

Day 44: How to Borrow Your Friends' Clothes When They Don't Fit You
Day 42: Wrap-Around Silk Top

Today’s refashion is very boring practical.  :)  I had a pair of khakis that I loved for work, as they fit great and were really comfy.  One day, I noticed a big stain on one of the legs.  Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get rid of it.  :(

Stain Central. :(

I’m thinking the blue stain is from an ICEE or some such blue slushy bevvie.

At first, I did what any woman with absolutely no self-respect would do.  I’d wear my khakis, stain and all, and act genuinely surprised when anyone noticed the rather large blue spots (putting my Theatre degree to good use).  Then, I’d make the conscious effort to not wear them around that group of people again.  Eventually, I ran out of groups of people to wear my khakis around whilst feigning stain ignorance.  Yes…this is sad.

There was only one thing to do.

Chop and Chop!

Yup…these pants are about to lose their work appropriateness.

I folded the raw edges under twice and pinned them.

Bye pants!

Then I ran them through my machine, after petting the rather cranky sewing machine security guard.

No sewing for you!

Okay…so I hemmed some pants into shorts.  Big flippin’ deal, right?

But I still wanted a comfy top to hang out in, so I took one of my fella’s shirts that I’ve been promising to make into a short-sleeved shirt for ages.

This is not a flattering look!

I turned it around and tucked in the collar like so:

Do you see where I'm going here?

Then, I crossed the arms around the back, back to the front, and tied them together.  :)

A totally refashioned outfit!

The back of the top ended up looking like this:

Le back!

Oh yes…and here’s a look at those shorts!

Yep. They're shorts!

I wore my totally refashioned (thank you very much) outfit to Starbucks, where I visited my good buddy, Jonny!  :)

Doesn't he look positively dashing in green?

Jonny concocted a tasty Vanilla Bean Frap that was oh so very delish!  :)



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