Day 42: Wrap-Around Silk Top

Day 43: Khaki Shorts & A No-Sew Top
Day 41: A Refashion fail and a last minute win!

Welcome to Day 42!  As a Douglas Adams fan, this is my favorite number (as well as my former Roller Derby #!).

Don't Panic.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide’s guide advises you not to panic, and I’m not going to.  I know just the thing to do for this frumpy robe!  :)

Big Ol' Robe!

THHG also says:

“The chances of finding out what’s really going on in the universe are so remote, the only thing to do is hang the sense of it and keep yourself occupied.

I decided to occupy myself by making this robe into a pretty top!  First, I chopped off the bottom right where the pockets began.


Next, I pinned the raw edge under, like so:


Then, I sewed it under.

Unlike Marvin, my machine is very happy, thank you! :)

I pressed my new hem, and now I have a lovely silk top!

Soooo comfy!

I wore my new top for a night of Trivi-Yeah!  at , where my team did surprisingly well. :)

Clever Teammates!
High Five for Second Place! :)

Team “Poking the Stiff Kitten” won the free beer round (oh yeah!) and came in 2nd place overall!  I feel victory is imminent next week.  :)


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