Day 40: A Basic Khaki Skirt

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Day 39: The Official SlipsKnute Tee

It’s nifty when I can convert something manky into a really practical wardrobe staple. :)

Meet something manky:


Woo-hoo!  Beige!  Yeah!  The color of excitement, fun, and intrigue!  Break me off some more of that sweet sweet beige!

Or not. :/

I liked the white trim and the nifty side pocket, but that’s about it.

You can’t see it in the pic above, but check out these uber-nasty sweat stains on the pits!  :(

Now that's just nasty!

I decided to remedy this situation by turning this dress into a skirt!

First, I lopped off the top of the dress and the lining.  Don’t worry!  I’m saving that lining for a later project.  It’s too hot to wear anything with a lining right now anyways!


It was a bit big on me, so I took it in from the back, removing the zipper.  This means I’ll have to put this skirt on over my head, but I preferred that to having to put in a new zipper.


Then I hemmed the raw edge at the top.  First, I pinned it down.


Then, I ran it through my machine.

Now I have a really versatile skirt that doesn’t drown me out like the dress did!  :)  It’s actually something I can wear to work, which is pretty handy, too!

Stylin' in my blue chucks! :)
Close-up on that awesome pocket!


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