Day 39: The Official SlipsKnute Tee

Day 40: A Basic Khaki Skirt
Day 38: Dexy's Midnight Runner Top

Don’t you just hate dingy white tees?


Especially when they have weirdo blue spots on them?

Weird blue spots!

I have two of these dingy bespeckled tees, and I’m going to take care of them in the same way.  First, I tied several knots in them and pulled out my favorite color from my dye stash.

Keepin' it real in Teal!

I tossed them into their dye bath for about 30 minutes…

Taking a dip in the dye!

…Then gave them a thorough rinse.

Rinsey Rinsey!

After my tees were tied, dyed, and dried, I was ready for Phase 2!

I pulled out some iron-on letters from my stash and placed them on one of the tees like so:

What does it say????

Then, I pressed them on!


I peeled off the backing from each letter.

What does it say?


Nothing like a good shameless plug!  :)

That's me!
My first official tee!

I wore my new tee to brunch with friends where a few mimosas were happily consumed.

Hippie Chic!

After brunch, we visited the newest addition to our circle of friends.  :)

Meet baby Ava!


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