Day 36: Shirt is Skirt

Day 37: Lady in Red Dress
Day 35: For Grandma Ruth

For today’s refashion, I took one of my fella’s shirts that had somehow developed an oddball stain on the pocket.

He's slightly larger than me. :)

We both tried getting this weirdo stain out, but it wouldn’t budge.  Fella reluctantly agreed to let me use it for my own purposes.  :)

First, I used my seam ripper to take off the pocket.

Manky Pocket. :(

I chopped off the neck area.


Then, I threw it on my dress form, pinning it on the sides to where it would fit my hips.  Yep…I’m going for a nice, lightweight summer skirt!

Skirt-ing the issue. :)

I pinned my new skirt on the sides, making an A-line shape.

I pin the line.

I ran each side through my machine and trimmed off the excess material.

Then, I rolled the top over and pinned it.

Pin that raw edge under!

I sewed the new hem in place.


I pressed my new skirt, and was done!  Now I have a sweet summer skirt for these 100+ degree days!

Attempting to keep my cool in the sweltering heat!
Heading out for a glamorous evening at the grocery store!

On a side note, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and well-wishes yesterday.  Your support meant more to me than you might know.  Thank you.  :)

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