Day 34: Gladiator Dress

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Today’s dress began as a much-too-large tunic top that looked like something straight out of The Golden Girls.


I’m clearly not impressed.  Time to get to work.

First off, those 80’s-typical shoulder pads had to go.  Pronto.

Pads of Evil

The whole thing needed some shaping and taking in as well.  I took in in on the sides, giving it a curvier shape.

First I pinned it.

Take it in!

Then, I sewed the sides.  Taking this in also got rid of the side slits near the bottom.

I couldn’t take this top in too much, as I’m turning it into a dress.  The more fitted you make something, the shorter it gets.  If I lost much length at all, It would be Tunic Town for me.


I trimmed off the excess material with my pinking shears (you know…those funky zig-zag scissors).

Next, I pinned down the front of my new dress where the buttons stop at the bottom.  I’m not planning on offering any peep shows, so this really needed to be taken care of!  :)

Gap be Gone!
Stitch that Gap away!

That’s it!  I happily frolicked outside to take a pic of my new dress when tragedy struck.

Fella dropped the camera.

Yep.  The SlipsKnute camera plummeted to its death.

I wasn’t happy.  I really wanted my old camera to last for the whole year of this project, as I fear new technology.  :)  My lil 3-year-old 6 megapixel camera had done just fine, thank you!

Fella and I made plans to go get a new one after work, but then Fella surprised me with something:

New & Blue!

It’s basically just like my old one, only with more pixels and other fancier stuff.  He’s a sweet fella.  :)

Here are the first pics with the new SlipsKnute camera!  :)

I look like a Gladiator.

After this long day of camera breaking and such, Fella and I met up with a few friends after work.  :)

Testing the new cam inside!
Testing continued in the vault at The Whig. :)
Hey! It's Crazy Mike!


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