Day 32: Happy Headband

Day 33: A Royal Skirt
Day 31: Window Shopping Dress

Remember this dress from Day 28?

Remember this?

And remember how I had this scrap left over when I was done fixing it?

Hey Guys! Remember me?

Today I’m gonna take care of that scrap!

Recently I did a keratin treatment for my fried tresses (Yes, I DIY everything.).  The good news is I now have the silky hair I’ve always dreamed of.  The bad news is, now my silk scarves don’t stay in my silken hair like they used to.

It was time to make a new hair accessory!

Remember how the top of the elastic on the back of this dress was all stretched out?  I chopped that part off.

Bye wonky elastic!

Then, I chopped of the rest of the elastic and put it aside.

It'll come in handy in a bit!

I took the rest of the scrap and sewed it into a tube by sewing the wrong sides together, and turning it inside-out.


Now it was time to add the elastic, which would hold my new headband in place.  :)  First I sewed it into a tube, just like the rest of the scrap.

Two Tubes!

I turned the raw edges of the big tube inside and pressed them, then I pinned and stitched the elastic tube in.

Now we're getting somewhere!

I did this for both sides.  Now I have a terrific headband that stays put nicely, thanks to the wonder that is elastic!

My mannequin likes it too!

But she doesn't need a headband!

Unfortunately for her, so do I!  I adorned my short (but growing!) tresses with my nifty new accessory and met up with some friends for a Fancy Sandwich Supper.  :)

...Styling my new accessory with a glass of Pinot Noir. ;)
Aerial View!
Fancy Sammiches!
More Fancy Sammiches!
Fancy Ice Cream Sammiches!


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