Day 27: New Life for Old Tees

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Today’s piece began as two damaged tees that didn’t really stand a chance on their own.

Two Sad Tees :(

The grey shirt is one of my favorites that has been so loved that I’ve worn a few holes in it near the bottom.  :/


The orange shirt was a freebie, covered in grease stains.  :(


So…the bottom of my favorite tee is damaged and everything but the bottom of the orange tee is damaged.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? :)

First, I chopped off the bottom of the grey tee.


Then, I chopped off the bottom of the orange tee.


I trimmed the orange piece to me the same size as the bottom of the grey tee.

...just a tad bigger for the seam allowance.

I stitched the raw edges on the side of the orange piece together, and then I pinned it to the bottom of the grey shirt.

Pin 'em!

I ran it through my machine…

Almost done!

…and now I’ve saved my favorite tee!  :)

Checking out my handiwork!
I think I like my tee even better!

Not too shabby, eh?  This is a big part of what refashioning is all about…finding creative ways to make do with what you already have, rather than just tossing your clothes out and buying new ones.  By extending the life cycle of our clothes, we’re not only able to keep the things we like longer, we’re also keeping textiles out of the landfill.  These are both awesome things.  :)

I wore my new tee to a Chinese Buffet that I crave once every year (I don’t know why).  This place is so odd…they play xylophone covers of classic rock songs, which just cracks me up!  :)

That ain't healthy. :/
Ah yes...Barbeque Ribs! A traditional Chinese dish!


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