Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero

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Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top

Today’s piece started out being anything but practical.


Those are some extreme shoulder pads I’m rockin’ there.  Oh..and check out those sleeves!


This was a quick fix.  First, I took out the offending pads.


Then, I cut off the offending sleeves.


Now I can wear my strapless dresses to work without offending anyone’s sensibilities!  :)

A Curtsy
Trying to do that "bored and hungry" supermodel look...not working...
Hi. Welcome to my Bolero!

A few days ago, a reader suggested I do something with the shoulder pads I cut off, rather than toss them out.

I took one of the pads, and turned it into a catnip mouse for little Gypsy!  :)

Hi. I'm Mr. Mouse!

This took all of a minute to do.  My plan is to save up all the shoulder pads I encounter to turn them into toys for the kitties at the animal shelter.  :)

Gypsy seems interested in the prototype.



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