Day 23: Layers o’ Lace Top

Day 24: Viva Las Vegas Dress
Day 22: J Jillian Top

I get a little giddy when I find a dress that is truly bad.

Feeling a bit "Dynasty"

There’s nowhere for this dress to go but up!  I like the lace and I like the fortuny-style pleating, but I can’t stand them together (sensory overload!), so I removed the skirt.

Fortuny meet Floor.

I also had to remove these icky guys:

Ick. And Ick.

I might’ve left the sleeves on if it wasn’t so very hot outside, but as we’re in the middle of a heat wave, they had to go.  Remember…it doesn’t get cool at night in the south; It just gets dark.

Hot de-sleeving action!

When the sleeves were removed, I pinned the raw edges under, and sewed them down.

Pinned under!

The three layers of fabric were a pain to work with, but I got everything sewed down just fine.  :)


Next, I had to fix that neckline.  You guys are going to get absolutely sick of me turning everything into a V-neck, and I promise to throw a bit more variety in there soon!  I usually choose a V-neck because I have a short neck, and the V gives the illusion of a longer neck.  Hey…we all have our insecurities.  :)

Pin that V!

Once the new neckline was pinned in place, I stitched it down, and headed off to for a few tasty pints of pale ale and the Rockabilly stylings of the !

Recognize the sash from a refashion I did last year?
Teal = My favortie color!

I styled my new top with a couple of accessories. ;)

My FAVORITE accessories!

…and paused for a pic with a member of the band.  :)

Literally a Flat Out Stranger. :)
Mmmmmm! Tasty HG Pale Ale!


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