Day 21: I See Right Through You Top

Day 22: J Jillian Top
Day 20: Croch-hey! top

Today’s piece started out as a too-big dress from H&M.  I almost didn’t choose this one because I hate H&M.  I could easily go on a rant about them, and those who are already on the eco-fashion bandwagon know all about why I can’t stand them.

Just Google “H&M Sucks” …because they do.

Just like your labor practices, your dress isn't very pretty, H&M! :(

This dress fit me like a shapeless ruffled sack.  Plus, the lining was ripped in a couple of places.  I didn’t like how opaque this dress was, so, I snipped out the lining.

The leftovers...maybe there's a future skirt in there?

Now I was getting somewhere!  I hacked off that stupid ruffle from the bottom of the dress.

Bye Mr. Ruffle!

I’m sure that ruffle will be making a comeback, just not on today’s piece.  :)

I took the dress in from the back 1″.  I had to go through the back, as this dress has a side zipper.  No biggie, as taking in one part is easier than taking in two!

First ya pin!
Then ya sew!

Next, I tackled that raw edge on the bottom.  It wasn’t going to fray or anything if I left it as-is, but leaving the edge raw really didn’t contribute anything to the piece.  I didn’t want to look sloppy, so I quickly hemmed it under.

Ahem...a hem.

I tried my new top on, but I wasn’t happy with the drape of it.  I tossed it on my dress form (I STILL don’t have a name for her. :( ), and gathered it a bit in the back.

Pinch and Gather.

I pinned my gathered area and sewed it together.  This is a neat trick for clothes that you borrow from other people that might be a bit too big.  You can do this on the outside or the inside and just safety-pin it (just make sure to really hide that pin).

Now that frumpy dress is a lovely summer top!

I love how my bright tank shows through!

The back is pretty sweet, too!

Hot Bustle action!

This top was perfect for my weekly Karaoke ritual.  ;)

Evelyn as Gaga!

I even scored a (literally) sweet new accessory!

Candy Jewelry tastes even better than you remember!

I was gnawing on my wrist all night!  I might still be on a sugar buzz!  This is one instance where disposable (i.e. edible)  fashion is A O.K.! ;)

On a side note…making this top got me a little down.  H&M and other fast fashion retailers churn out tons and tons of clothing that gets discarded after one or two wears.  The point of this blog and this year is to keep clothes out of the landfill, but there’s no way I can keep up with these sweatshop-powered giants.  There’s an SC poet (sorry, I can’t remember the name…I’m going to look it up in the magazine I have in my office and update this later today) who said,

“My making today will not fix the enormity of things.”

And that’s how I feel.  It makes this whole blog/my project seem more than a little silly.  Do you ever feel this way? :/

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