Day 20: Croch-hey! top

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Day 21: I See Right Through You Top
Day 19: Silk Cargo Skirt

I don’t quite understand the thought process behind the Summer Sweater (aren’t we all sweating enough already?), but that’s what I’ve chosen to rock today.  :)  Of course, it wasn’t very rockin’ when I first tried it on.

Oh dear.

I decided to take this top in to make it very fitted through the waist and hips, and fuller at the top.

I pinned!

About to perform some much-needed lipo!

Then, I stitched it all up!


I actually had to do this a few times to get it snug enough.  No worries!  It’s better to have to take something in a bit more than unpick all of your stitching to make it bigger!

I wasn’t feeling that neckline, so made it into a more pleasing V.

Le Snip!
Gimme a V!

I lopped off all the excess material (which there was quite a bit of), and was all done!

Tucked in to one of my favorite skirts!
Tucked out, so you can actually see what I did. :)
Welcome to the Jungle!

I paired my new sweater with a light crocheted hat to give a bit of a vintage feel, as well as to hide my bad hair day from the world.

Like the hat? When I go crochet, I go all the way! :)


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