Day 18: Wine not? Jeans

Day 19: Silk Cargo Skirt
Day 17: Paint the Town Teal Dress

Today was definitely a jeans day.  I began with these dingy white skinny jeans that were covered in small stains. :(

Dingy and Spotty! :(

I pulled out my dye stash and chose this one:

...because everything I wear ends up covered in wine eventually!

I tossed the jeans into the washer with the dye, some salt, and about a cup of vinegar.

Swishy Swishy!

I left the jeans in the dye bath for about an hour.  I really wanted a nice, saturated color.

Then I rinsed…

Almost Done!

Now those discarded jeans are fab and fuschia!

Diggin' the color!

My new jeans aren’t unlike these that retail for a whopping $490 from .

That'll be $490.

Of course, my jeans were free (although I don’t get to keep them).  :)

Do you have stained and/or dingy white clothing?  Have you thought about dyeing it to see what happens?


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