Day 17: Paint the Town Teal Dress

Day 18: Wine not? Jeans
Day 16: Sparkle and Flow Top

I couldn’t get over my hatred for the sleeves of this dress.

It's like an Elizabethan Nightgown. :/

I am not pleased.  I love the color of this dress, but the button-up neckline and poufy sleeves were killing it for me.

So…I removed the sleeves with my seam ripper.  This actually took quite a while as the seams were verrrrry well-serged.


Now we’re getting somewhere!

Sleeveless...but still not quite done!

See all of those leftover broken threads?  Rather than picking them all out (which takes forever), roll over them with a sticky lint roller.  :)  It’ll take ’em right out in no time.

I took the raw edges, turned them under, and pinned them.


I ran the new armholes through my machine.  Muuuuch better!  This dress works perfectly as a sun dress!  I unbuttoned all but one of the buttons on the front placket, and was ready for a delightful leisurely day!

A Perfect Saturday Dress!

I went for a walk along the riverbank…

Stop and smell the flowers, will ya?

followed by a tasty melon cocktail at Wet Willie’s!  :)


I hope everyone is having a mahvelous weekend!  :)


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