Day 16: Sparkle and Flow Top

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I needed something fun and shiny to wear for an evening of going out with friends/watching the Art Bar Players improv troupe (of which my fella happens to be a member).  :)  I started out with this:

Doin a little dance for the weekend!

Oh, and look!  My old friends are back!

Say hello to my leeetle friend!

First, I hacked off the sleeves and neck hole.


My plan is to turn this into a strapless, flowy top, using the bottom elastic waistband as the top of the new top.  I did something similar last year, but I learned from a couple of mistakes I made.

First off, rather than just sew down the sides, I knew I needed to make some sort of a gusset, or the top wouldn’t be as flowy as I wanted.  I cut up one of the sleeves to make my gusset.

See where this is going?

Then, I attached my gusset to one side.  If this were a smaller top, I would need two gussets.  Thankfully, it’s pretty big, so one will do fine.  The sparkly, big pattern really hid my add-on well.  :)

Attaching the gusset like whoa!

I wasn’t even trying to match up the pattern, but check it out!  I totally did!  :)

To finish my new top, I took the whole thing in on one side about 4 inches at the top, and gradually less at the bottom.


I threw my fun new top over a pair of skinny jeans, tossed on one of my favorite thrifted necklaces, and dashed out the door to make it in time for the first show!

Ooooh! So Shiny!
Oh hai!
So proud of my funny fella!


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