Day 13: Breakfast Club Top

Day 14: A Royal Jacket/Cape
Day 12: Jilly Pocket Skirt

Today’s top began as a boring silk 2X blouse.

I'm not very fun. :(

Obviously, it’s way too big for me, and not very exciting.  I liked the soft pink though.  The color reminded me of Molly Ringwald’s top in The Breakfast Club.

Isn't she pretty in pink?

I got started by chopping off those sleeves.  Temps have hit the 100s here, so we’re going sleeveless today!  If you’ve ever been to South Carolina in the summer, you know that walking outside is like walking into the sweaty armpit of a giant baby.  :/'s just too hot for you guys!

Next, I took each side in about 2 1/2 inches.  I still wanted my top to be a little flowy, but I was drowning in the original.

Pin, then sew!

Next, I chopped a half-oval shape out of the front of my new top.


 Then, I hemmed the raw edge.

Cut a few teeny notches along the edge of a curved hem so it doesn't bunch up!

I pressed all my new hems and seams and was done.  At first I didn’t like it.  I would have to be a good 6″ taller to not look frumpy in this thing.  But after styling it with a thrifted belt, a pencil skirt, and my tweed Puma espadrilles, I think it’s okie dokie!  :)

Move over, Molly!
How do you like the dip?
Sitting Pretty (in pink!)


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