Day 11: DIY Save the World Bags

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Day 10: Coral Reef Skirt

Today, I wasn’t feeling very fashionable with all the housekeeping the fella and I had to do.  I also had to take a much-needed trip to the grocery store.  I had a bunch of T-shirts that were stained, faded, and/or stretched out and cluttering up my stash.

Shirts that have seen their heyday!

I turned them inside-out and sewed the bottom hem closed.

Stitch it!

Then, I turned the shirts right-side out and chopped off the sleeves and neck hole.

Shopping Bags!

My plan is to turn the unwearable T-shirts Revente’s Last Call gets in into shopping bags for their customers to take home and reuse.  :)  I decided to test my new bags out.  Could they hold all my heavy groceries?


Yup!  My new bags worked just fine. :)  The checkout guy thought they were really cool, too!  :)

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