Day 7: Frolic in Clover Dress

Day 8: Mellow Yellow
Day 6: A Home for Mat

I wasn’t going to be doing any frolicking whatsoever in the dress when I first found it.

I'll mug, but I won't frolic!

The pits on this dress were a bit worn, and it’s missing its original belt.  No worries!  I lopped off the dress at the top (removing the pit problem entirely).

The dress is lined, so I strategically safety-pinned a couple of spots before I made my big cut to keep the lining from getting out of alignment with the outer layer.  :)


Then, I turned the raw edge over twice and pinned it.

Making a new top happen!

When I made my big cut, I also had to cut the side zipper on the dress.  No biggie!  It’s not going to mess anything up.  I folded it over with the rest of the top.

I'll be zipping again very soon!

I ran my top through my machine to finish it off!

Dark and Mysterious Sewing Action!

Now I needed to deal with the size of the dress.  Because of the side zip, I took it in from the back about 3 inches.

Pinning the back!
Stitching the back!

I chopped off the excess material, and was ready to head out the door for a fun-filled evening of Karaoke!  :)

A much happier dress!

A question I get a lot when making strapless dresses is, “Wait a sec…how does it stay up without elastic or anything?  Won’t you just be tugging at it all day?”.  The answer is, no.  :)  When you custom fit something to yourself, it’s going to fit much better than the off-the-rack stuff you’re used to…just another reason to start sewing, if you don’t already!  ;)

The dress is totally dance-proof!

See?  Photo evidence!  That dress isn’t going anywhere!  :)

The color's not too bad either. :)
Belting out some Blondie!


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