Day 4: Happy 4th!!!!

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Day 5: I've never even been to Oxford
Day 3: Urban Re-doer

Today’s outfit is a bogo refashion.  :)  I began with this pair of blue velvet pants.

She wore blue velvet...
Anybody else thinking of this?

I probably would have kept these pants as-is and saved them for fall if it weren’t for one little problem.

Holey Moley!

I lopped off the legs and hemmed them under to make a rather fetching pair of velvet shorts for a hot and humid SC July day!  :)

Feeling Patriotic!

I tossed on my favorite beaded necklace (that used to be my great-grandmother’s), a vintage scarf, and a sweet straw handbag I scored at a yard sale for a couple of bucks.

Oh…and does that shirt look hauntingly familiar?

Urban Re-do #2! :)

It’s identical to the one I wore yesterday!  It had a big black stain on one of the sleeves, so it got the same sleeve-removal treatment.

Stains McGee!

Fella and I celebrated the 4th (well, technically the 3rd) chilling in my friend Melissa L’s lovely backyard and porch with some lovely friends.

I'm in love with Mel's porch!
Melissa's kitty, Tigger...because Tiggers are wonderful things!

We drank tasty white wine sangria, played cornhole (click on it…it’s not nearly as naughty as it sounds ;) ), and relaxed before heading over to the stadium for the Columbia Blowfish Game and fireworks!

It's Blowie and Blowie Jr.!
Heading to the stadium with photographer, Jimmy Higgs!
Yay Blowfish!

Cheers!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!  :)

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