A Denim Skirt (Why didn’t I have one of these already???)

Skirt is Shirt
A Silken Skirt Dress

I can’t believe I haven’t owned a denim skirt in years!  Seriously…This is a casual southern wardrobe staple!  Today, I sought to rectify this situation with this Eddie Bauer mumsy number (a freebie…yay!).

Serious Mom Skirt

As is, this is fairly awful.  It looks like something my 3rd grade teacher would have worn.  To take  this skirt from spinster to sassy, I first made a big cut.


I wanted to let the hem fray, but I didn’t want to leave my skirt looking quite so unfinished.  Luckily, I had a spool of super-thick thread made for sewing denim in my stashy stash.  I sewed two rows of straight stitches above the line where I didn’t mind letting the skirt fray.

A bit more of a finished look

That’s it!  :)  I now have a wardrobe staple that has been missing from my closet for oh-so-long! :)

From Frump to Fabu!

Cheers!  :)

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