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This is a bit of a Bogo refashion!  The folks at a local charity shop were kind enough to give me several items that were damaged, and hadn’t sold.  Author’s note:  You’ll be hearing a lot more about them in year 2 of my blog in July!  The dress I’m wearing is one of them.  The vest I’m wearing was a $1 yard sale purchase from a friend.

By the power vested in me, I will fix you!

The dress was an easy fix, the grey jersey knit top had a bit o’ discoloration, which came out in the wash.  Because this dress is cheaply made, and therefore of cheap fabrics, the top had also begun to pill.  I took my razor and a lint roller to it, and viola!  Fixed!

The vest just needed to be taken in from the sides.  I put it on inside-out to gauge how much would need to be taken in.

about thiiiiiiiis much on each side

I used a safety pin to mark it, took it off, and pinned each side evenly.

Pinned on both sides!

I ran it through my machine, using a straight stitch, then a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying.  Yes, the proper way would be to unpick the side seams, stitch the lining in (hiding the raw edge), then stitching the outer fabric, THEN stitch them back together….but I was in a hurry!


I threw on my new duds with my gorgeous new patent leather brogue wedges from in Five Points that I bought for a song.  I was ready to invest (har har) in a lovely Friday!

Looking off to the side for no reason is the new duckface.
Feeling like a total cute boots in my $1 outfit

I wore my fun lil outfit that evening for a birthday dinner/surprise engagement announcement for my lovely friend, Erin!

Hi Erin!
Erin has a posse!
Chillin' with the Groom-to-be!

Cheers to Erin and Ken!  :)

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