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Yo Bolero
Jet Setter

A coworker of mine gave me this dress that had been languishing in her closet for years.

An ill-fitting frock!

As you can clearly see, the top of this dress is a bit big on me.  Also, the plaid was a tad dull for my tastes.  I took in the top and added a couple of pockets made of fabric from this refashion.  I think the end result is quite lovely.


You can’t see them in the above pic, but I wore my favorite vintage brogues with my new frock.

Basement Kitteh digs vintage footwear!

My coworker liked this transformation, too!

You know, I just remembered the last time that I wore that plaid dress.  It was Saturday, August 1, 1998 (almost 13 years ago, I guess that makes it kind of vintage).  It’s the dress that I wore on the morning of my wedding day, just before I put on my wedding dress at the church.  (-:  Good memories.  I’m glad you chose to keep and “Jillianize” the dress.  You look really cute in it! ~Email from my Awesome Coworker

I loved the back story of this dress, and am happy to be giving it a new life that will hopefully be just as romantic!  :)


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