A Colorful Saturday

Tube Top Italiano

Sometimes I just can’t wear clothes how they’re intended.  Today’s top was another kind donation from Heather who bought it at a museum.  Does anyone know the title and/or artist of this painting???? It’s driving me nuts that I can’t think of it!

What is this painting?????

Two things about this top weren’t working for me.  First, it was a little too big, and therefore not very flattering on me.  Second, long sleeves weren’t going to work on an almost 90 degree day!

Time for a quick no-sew refashion!  First, I pulled my arms through the neck hole like so.


Step 1!


Then, I tied the sleeves of the top around my neck to make a halter top!


Halter! Who goes there?



The back

I liked how tying the sleeves around my neck made the bust of the top have a sort of cowl neck look.  :)


My newly refashioned top was perfect for a late afternoon/early evening !


Giant Can 'o Beer!


My giant can of booze led me to an act of anarchy.


I am above the law!!!!!!


Fortunately, Eric was there to pull me away from a future life of crime.


Hi Eric!



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